C4ISR and communications solutions

Addressing Mission Critical Needs with Reliable SWaP Constrained Communications.

The Communication Systems business area of B&B, Inc.’s provides innovative C4I solutions that leverage the latest commercial technologies in meshed networking, radio communications, satellite communications, and electronic warfare. Our industry-leading; combat-proven; size, weight, and power (SwAP) constrained software-defined radio (SDR) products and solutions from our partners help customers achieve critical mission success in the most challenging environments. For over 25 years, customers have trusted our products and services to meet their most critical challenges, and to execute their missions safely and successfully.

As a engineering company in the implementation of the digital army doctrine, B&B renowned C4I solutions connect all forces on land, air, and sea – from high-echelon HQ to the individual platform, sensor and soldier – creating a force multiplier by maximizing combat resource coordination.

B&B suite of C4I solutions provide actionable, real-time information and enables universal situational awareness, in-depth collaborative mission planning and management, and a constantly-updated common operational picture (COP). Our ground, naval and airborne C 4 I systems.

Blanch Internacional´s Tactical Operation Center C5 ISR

enables intermediate level commanders making live decisions by acquiring information from E-O & other type of sensors, humans, signals, etc, creating a Common Operational Picture and generating IMINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, and different types of live intelligence products, while processing the information.

system have tools to provide the necessary information to enable the intermediate level command, managing military operations in complex operational scenarios, exchanging information with other C4 ISR systems like WINTAK, ATAK, BMS and SIMACET, both in air, land and sea enviroments. It also has connectivity to the MultiINT solution FUSION, GXP and InMotion.

system integrates information received from the operational own forces, the allies forces units, and the civilian agencies. It generates the operational situation, it manages plans, orders, it creates intelligence products and disseminates information among the various levels of command.

Charateristics and features

Modular, incremental and scalable design

Integration with other existing systems.

Adaptable to existing communication networks

to collect information and disseminate commands.

Inteoperability of information systems.

Real time control of ISR resources.

Distributed systems to opérate in different

geographical scenarios.

Offer battle-proven solutions that deal with modern-day challenges, such as terrorism, urban warfare, guerrilla warfare, refugees, and complex terrain.

Employing a tactical building-block approach and net-centric concept, the C4I solutions comprise tactical computers, digital maps, message-handling systems, border surveillance, advanced communications controllers and modems, as well as various components developed for customer-specific needs. Software infrastructure and applications are available for mobile and land platforms, individual soldiers, and HQ C2 applications. All C4I solutions are highly scalable, based on in-house, battle-proven systems and products, COTS hardware and software packages, and open architecture.

B&B solutions comply with all international military requirements and are deployed around the world. B&B massive investment in R&D as well as a clear C4I technology road map has enabled us to deliver mobile, tactical, triple-play and cloud-based solutions that exploit Big Data capabilities for the ultimate in military effectiveness.

B&B provides a range of solutions for cyber intelligence monitoring and interception, investigation and knowledge management, open source intelligence (OSINT) and tactical signal intelligence (SIGINT) interception.
Our cyber solutions address the entire intelligence cycle including collection, processing, analysis and visualization – providing law enforcement agencies (LEA’s), intelligence organizations and signal intelligence (SIGINT) agencies with full spectrum intelligence capabilities.

Soldier Systems

B&B renowned soldier systems are integrated warrior combat suites that enhance the operational effectiveness of the dismounted soldier. Their components can be tailored to the needs of various soldier types such as commanders, team leaders, forward observers, snipers, special weapons operators and riflemen.

Suite of solutions – Light, Basic and Advanced – enable full situational awareness across all military echelons. It is comprised of a series of software modules integrated in a powerfull laptop computer. The C4ISR applications and the laptop can be inserted in a ruggedized peli case for transportation, all developed in-house. The SWaP efficient BIA-TOC-C5 ISR dramatically shortens the sensor-to-shooter loop, enhancing battlefield dominance at all times. The system has been fully field-proven for a wide range of customers, including infantry, intelligent Forces and paramilitary.

Our dismounted communications solutions are the world’s smallest, lightest, and most power-efficient multiband, tactical handheld radio solutions on the market. Building on the success of our multiband radios, Thales developed the 1st simultaneous 2-channel handheld radio to equip today’s warfighters with a next generation wideband, networking capability.
Our dismounted communications solutions includes an extensive suite of handheld and manportable radios and accessories.

This single, small, lightweight, rugged package equips users with simultaneous narrowband and wideband to support tactical command and control communications in a variety of challenging environments. Reliable wideband MANET coverage ensures interoperability on both WB and NB radio systems, regardless of the environment; and the robust TSM™ waveform delivers superior voice and data communications across harsh multi-path and unpredictable dynamic environments, including shipboard, in caves, and in urban operational settings.

Our mounted solutions are an extension to our tactical handheld radios providing additional power amplification for vehicular applications while also providing an instant transition between mounted and dismounted operations.
Integrated ruggedized USB connections facilitate data and control, and provide optional access to Ethernet for in-vehicle network connectivity. Our mounted systems are software programmable and upgradeable, and provide access to narrowband and wideband waveforms with significant range extension. All systems are compatible with standard vehicular mounting trays and intercom systems.

Our power management solutions offer a full range of innovative, very low size and weight solutions to support charging a wide range of military and commercial batteries.
Like our tactical radio solutions, our chargers are ruggedized for the most demanding environments and provide advanced features, such as State of Health, State of Charge, and dynamic power distribution. They also reduce the logistic footprint and cost associated with charging large numbers of batteries.

The UBC base unit weighs approximately 6 pounds, is small enough to be carried in a ruck sack, and is rugged enough to be vehicle mounted. Multiple UBC charging systems can be cascaded without need for additional tools.
The UBC allows charging under heavy rain, and in other harsh environmental conditions, without cover. The charger is optimized to provide the warfighter with the ability to harvest power from solar panels, and a variety of other power sources.

As part of the accessories we offer unique lightweight masts systems from our partner Rolatube. Designed to complement advances in communication and surveillance technology, they are lightweight, compact and strong, bringing advantages to perimeter control, area lighting, and other site infrastructure applications.
Available in both Civilian and Military specifications, Rolatube masts provide users with unmatched weight- and space-savings, and easy and quick deployment and recovery.