Electrooptics Systems optronics and night vision

B&B power of vision has generated a product and system level portfolio that includes some of the most advanced electro-optics (EO)-based solutions on the market today. Working with first class manufacturers of components and kits of electro-optics, B&B has strategic agreements with them, to assembly, produce and maintain systems following the OEM quality assurance procedures. Our EO solutions are designed for space, airborne, ground and maritime applications, providing customers an advantage in facing the evolving challenges on the battlefield and on the home front.

Systems range from night vision tactical surveillance systems for border protection, maritime surveillance, payloads for space, airborne, naval and land-based missions, and advanced target acquisition systems (TAS), as well as
laser, thermal imaging (TI) systems, HLS solutions, ground integrated sights and I2 night vision systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Our EO products and systems have been successfully deployed by major defense
forces such as the Spanish Marines Corp , the Spanish Army and Airforce and Portuguese Fuzileiros, Portuguese Army and the Portuguese Airforce, several other homeland security forces in Europe

Land Warrior

Recognizing that dismounted soldiers are the backbone of every military force, B&B Systems provides a
wide range of EO systems and solutions to support land warriors on the battlefield. These systems enable
day and night fighting capabilities, as well as superior target designation and acquisition based on
advanced weapon - sights, laser - based devices and target acquisition systems. B&B Systems’ field -
proven sights and laser designators enhance the combat effectiveness and survivability of soldiers across
all military echelons. These products are operational in military organizations

1. Hand-Held Thermal Imagers

For over forty years, B&B Systems has produced and supplied hundreds of thermal imaging systems to the most demanding military organizations and defense industries worldwide, employing the la test thermal imaging technologies.

B&B Systems’ hand-held, lightweight thermal imaging systems are currently fielded in over 20 countries across the globe, including the Israel Defense Forces, the U.S. Marine Corps, the German Special Forces and the defense forces of several other NATO countries

The thermal imagers are a key component of any large-scale infantry modernization program

BIA-C-CRis an advanced hand-held thermal imaging camera with continuous optical zoom and targetacquisitioncapabilities. Operating in the 3-5μm spectral band,this lightweight thermal imager has been selected by severalNATO countries in support of infantry, scouts and special units.

BIA-C-Z is a lightweight hand-held cooled thermal imager equipped with or without continuous zoom. Ideal for medium range applications.

BIA-LVSW target adquisition system is a portable MWIR cooled thermal imager with SWIR channel equipped with
continuous zoom. Ideal for very long range applications.






BIA-Mini C is a lightweight uncooled thermal imager and target acquisition system designed for short-range observation. Incorporating day, night and fused channels as well as a dual FOV, GPS, laser rangefinder and compass, the Mini C enables the operator to acquire target coordinates in ranges of 2-3 kilometers and save the target data, image and video in a target data bank.

BIA-C-LS is a hand-held thermal imaging camera/sight with long-range 1.06 μm “See-Spot” capability. Operating in the 3-5 μm and 1.06 μm spectral bands, BIA LS can be utilized as a thermal night sight for ground laser designators and as a thermal camera for FAC and forward observer applications.

BIA-LTHH Tactical hand-held multi-function product family
LTHH is a micro size multi-function Hand-Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) designed for the individual soldier. The system has both day and night cameras integrated with powerful orientation sensors, complete situation…
LTHH is a micro size multi-function hand-held thermal imager (HHTI) designed for the individual soldier. The system has both day and night cameras integrated with powerful orientation sensors, complete situation awareness and targeting capabilities. LTHH has an android / linux core based on a powerful quadcore ARM CPU / GPU which makes it an ideal platform for dedicated app design, networking and system integration together with image processing and analytics. The system was designed to be fully versatile, enabling FOV and IR detector swap, addition of LRF / laser pointer.

2. Thermal Weapon Sight

B&B specializes in the production, supply and maintenance of NVG´s and weapon sights designed for individual infantry soldiers

These advanced ruggedized sights contribute significantly to enhanced target acquisition and increased first-hit capability by providing the high-quality images needed to detect, recognize and identify targets even from extreme ranges. They enable soldiers to easily distinguish between false and actual targets in adverse conditions such as dust, smoke, total darkness, camouflage and clutter.

B&B offers every major type of weapon sight – cooled, uncooled, I2 night vision and passive reflective – and is a one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of weapon sight needs.

BIA-X is a micro-compact monocular/binocular 16mm night vision system that provides high resolution and clear images even in adverse environmental conditions. BIA-X is one of the smallest and lightest monocular/binocular in the world and is particularly suited for infantry unit soldiers in the field.

BIA-TX is a high-performance uncooled thermal weapon sight with excellent thermal sensitivity for target discrimination and recognition in total darkness or in obscured daylight conditions. BIA-TX is hand-held or weapon-mounted and ideal for operational missions with various mountings and settings. The sight enables high-precision shooting by direct observation and is an effective solution for a wide range of tactical battlefield scenarios.

BIA-MNS is a modular, head/helmet/weapon mountable and water-submersible night vision 18mm monocular. A major innovation in its field, the BIA-MNS has become standard equipment for many modern military and para-military forces around the globe.

BIA-SMASH 2000 is a combat-proven Fire Control System , from our partner SMARTSHOOTER’s ,which was designed to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe.Their proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image-processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch. SMARTSHOOTER’s fire control solutions are designed to give soldiers and law enforcement officers a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario, maximizing force lethality and operational effectiveness throughout every engagement.

BIA-DD is a Datsa Display with augmented reality information about own troops and enemies. GPS coordinates azimuth, way points, etc..

3. Surveillance and Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition Systems

A wide range of lightweight, man-portable and accurate target acquisition systems are available from B&B Systems for application by artillery forward observers (FO), forward air controllers (FAC), and intelligence, reconnaissance and Special Forces.


Blanch’s BIA-MP-SS system allows working in different ways from the point of view of architecture, according to functional and operational needs, these are:
– Self-contained or «stand alone» system where all of its functionality and the data handled are in the BIA-MP-SS.
– Client-server system, where the location and order information management processes in C2 and video are hosted on the server and the BIA-MP-SS systems are its clients.
– Distributed system, where each of the BIA-MP-SS nodes is deployed and has the necessary applications to automatically exchange information between the various nodes and tactical centers of operation of the distributed system.


  • Blanch’s BIA-MP-SS system is a development, within the company’s range of IR products, intended for rapid deployment units in adverse conditions and requiring a high degree of availability.
  • Currently they are being used for observation and surveillance missions in addition to other additional applications such as intelligence, integration in command and control systems, geo-intelligence systems.
    The entire system, design architecture, production and its integration, is developed entirely by Blanch..

The BIA MP-SS is a long range surveillance and target location system that integrates the following sensors:
Advance Very Long-Range Multifunction Day/Night Target Acquisition System. BIA LV SWIR
Remote Control Station: BIA-SS
All Threat Air Surveillance Radar RPS 42 or PGSR 3i ground surveillance Radar.
Pan & Tilt with Tripod
SMASH 2000 System (optional)
IMBITR PRC-148-C tactical radio
JAVELIN MANET TSM-X tactical radio

This system allows that the operator will have real picture of surveillance area, locate and represent the targets, view own troops and their coordinates on a 2D or 3D digital cartography and transmit live video and the map scenario to the command & control center for the situation awareness of the whole surveillance area.
The systems are integrated with eye-safe laser rangefinders that determine precise distances, DMC that provide the accurate angular measurements required to automatically calculate targets.
With an embedded GPS receiver, its data accuracy delivers precise grid coordinates resulting in an improved location.
• BIA-SS is a software module allowing remote control of all the optronics, pan & tilt and hardware in the system. It also allows Video and chat between BIA-MP-SS and the BIA-TOC-C4 ISR systems.
• BIA-C2 is command and contro system that enables the user to have a C2 situational awareness common picture or COP. C2 integration with SIMACET and BMS ET. C2 integration with NFFI protocol. Video and C2 integration with ATAK and WinTAK. Video and C2 integration with GXP InMotion.

4. Land Application

As a market leader for decades, B&B Systems’ comprehensive range of electro-optic land solutions meets the operational needs and challenges of a wide variety of ground forces and scenarios. From night sights and target acquisition systems through payloads and perimeter security, to laser designators and thermal imagers, these electro-optic land systems significantly extend the early warning and rapid response capabilities of ground forces.

The ease of use of the AWBS minimizes the time required to perform boresighting and maximizes the convenience and the frequency of the procedure. It’s rugged design retains the accuracy of the AWBS over a wide range of environmental conditions. The outstanding features, flexibility and versatility of the AWBS make it the perfect solution for boresighting.

The AWBS is an electro-optical boresight tool, used for accurately aligning guns

to the sighting system. The AWBS utilizes a video camera to allow a single user to align a weapon to a sight from the safety of the gunner’s post. The AWBS provides an easy to use, accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting, yielding a high first round hit probability.

Polaris family of products High Accuracy GNSS Orientation And Navigation System

Next generation target acquisition system for fast, accurate and simple SIR, FO, JTAC and fire support missions. The Pointer incorporates full GIS mapping system and intuitive operating interface. Pointer has operationally proven targeting capabilities that are extremely fast and simple to operate therefore reducing cognitive load and enabling better performance in less skilled operators.

5. Maritime Solutions

Optimized for maritime applications, B&B naval sensors and systems, and highly advanced coastal security systems deliver outstanding 24/7 intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and identification capabilities.

Stabilized Payloads for Naval

B&B EO/IR payloads are installed on naval vessels. The systems have logged tens of thousands of operational hours on naval vessels and onboard fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

B&B payloads have extensive proven naval battle experience, in service with the NATO fleet, and many others. Elop’s experience ensures successful integration of the payloads with existing ship systems. The payloads offer outstanding range performance which enables identification and interception of threats at long stand-off ranges.

BIA-SP-C – Digital Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System is a highly stabilized, multi-sensor, electro-optical payload single LRU integrating 5 EO elements – thermal imager, color TV camera, laser rangefinder, laser designator and laser illuminator.

6. Electro-Optical Test Systems

B&B provides test benches (or stations) for Electro-Optical (E-O) systems composed of multiple sensors (or
channels). These benches are built to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for all the sensors' testing needs of
the E-O system in question. These stations are based on MIL-Standard test equipment that can be used in all stages
of the UUT's life cycle. All or some of the tests listed below can be performed by a single E-O turn-key station.

B&B' SWIR turn-key test stations simulates low light conditions to test special application cameras. An intuitive user friendly software carries out a variety of tests. The test stations are radiometrically calibrated to perform comprehensive SWIR tests.

B&B’ FLIR turn-key test stations carry out all the necessary tests to verify and compare the quality of an infrared/thermal camera. The FLIR test systems are based on CI Systems' NIST traceable blackbody radiation sources, collimators and special thermally controlled targets, designed to provide very accurate IR test patterns. All these combine to project standardized targets with known geometry and intensity to the Unit Under Test(UUT).

B&B' CCD test stations are used to carry out all the necessary tests to verify and compare the quality of a CCD based camera. These stations are based on CI Systems' reflective collimators, Visible Radiation Sources, special targets and integrated software, to project standard patterns with known geometry and intensity to the Unit Under Test. As a result, these stations are turnkey solutions for the CCD camera testing needs.

CI Systems provides a wide range of Missile Warning System (MWS) testers that can accurately simulate approaching threat signatures in the IR / Dual IR / UV /SWIR wavebands. These test systems can also test the MWS evaluation and acquisition of targets, tracking, and the performance of countermeasures. Also available is an infrared target simulator that projects an IR scene (background, target, and flare).

B&B provides different types of boresighting capabilities, such as line of sight boresighting, mission Ready Boresighting, mechanical to optical alignment.

B&B provides a wide range of laser testers, whether stand-alone systems, such as Depot Field Laser Tester, Depot Laser Tester or integrated in a multi-sensor electro-optical test bench. These testers can also be integrated with B&Bs' standard Laser Tester software and PC package to serve as the necessary testing tool for a larger system comprising a Laser Range Finder, Laser Marker and Laser Designator.