Manpack satellite terminals

Another partner that we have is Tampa Microwave LLC., a subsidiary of Thales Defense & Security, Inc., Tampa is an international leader in the design and production of military-grade Manpack and Flyaway satellite terminals. Tampa Microwave offers an industry-unique “vertical” modular design resulting in “one terminal with a family of reflector and modem options” to choose from providing maximum mission support flexibility while reducing overall system costs and operator training requirements. Their family of reflector and modem options enable our users to configure a terminal that can operate on military or commercial satellite networks in X, Ka, and Ku frequency bands utilizing many popular modem architectures in aperture sizes of 45cm, 65cm, 95cm, and 1.3m. Our simple and reliable systems make it possible for one operator to transport, install, operate, and maintain beyond line-of-sight communications for virtually any mission requirements.